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Entrevista AOM: TheMista

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Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por SpNz | And_Che el Dom Jul 25, 2010 10:36 am

Bueno mi primer aporte.. una entrevista muy reciente a un PRO del AOM ... TheMista
al leerla saque varias conclusiones... yo que recien estoy aprendiendo... me sirvio mucho.

Since I guess I cannot technically post in the interviews forum, I was told to post this here. Maybe it will eventually be moved. Enjoy :flowers:

Interview with mG_TheMista

  • Name: Themistoklis Bonidis, but Themis for short. Themistoklis was an ancient Greek general that beat the Persian navy led by Xerxes at Salamina in the year 480 B.C.
  • When were you born: The 13th of March in the year 1992 so I'm currently 18.
  • Where do you live: The small town of Hraklia in Greece
  • Mother Language: Greek
  • Occupation: Military
  • Highest AoT rate: 1996
Gaming, and more specifically AoT:

1. Tell us some things about yourself in real life:

I have loved playing games on the PC/Play Station since I was really young (started at the age of 6 playing Red Alert). I also liked exercising. I played football before I started boxing, now I enjoy playing AoT, going out with friends and girls, and training for boxing.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your history in gaming? (what are all the games you have played)

I started with Red Alert on play station then AoE2-AoC and after AoC, I moved to Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and then finally to AoT. I also played many other games but those were more for fun; the games I just mentioned were games I reached expert level.

3. When and why did you start playing AoM; why did you switch to AoT?

I tried AoM 5 years ago before I started WC3: FT. IG Zone collapsed and I couldn't play AoC anymore so I decided to move on to another game. I played 2 games of AoM in Single Player and I didn't like it so i didn't play it anymore after that. Three years ago two friends, X_Veil and X_Thamnos, came on the net that I was playing WC3 on, and they played aot. So I said I would give it a try and here I am :)

4. What does your username mean and how long have you used it?

I made it 6 years ago when i was playing Diablo II (for fun with some friends) it means Themis + Tough + Aggressor from my playstyle in the rts games.

5. What are your favourite nicknames and how did you choose them?

Entoutonika wich means Beathim Fovoutousellhnes which means "fear of the Greeks" and lastly I made Hmitheos_Gr which means "Demi-God". I chose them because of what they mean.

6. Can you describe your playstyle and why you think you play this way and why does it work for you?

I don't have a standard playstyle; I play a lot of different ways: I can be agressive, I can boom, I can raid, I can do all kinds of things. My strong card is that I can often read my enemy's mind and act before he can suprise me, I can also adapt very well.

7. Which is your favourite god and why?

Zeus of course: 1) I'm greek :), 2) I like microing, 3) I like playing a civ wich can make all kind of starts in early stages of the game.

8. How good are you with each civ, Eggy/Greek/Norse/Atty (RR):

Eggy: around 1920; my Ra is bad and it drops down in rr from there, Greek: 1950, Norse: 1940, Atty: 1900.

9. What is your greatest strength?

The way I think.

10. What is your greatest weakness?

I play arrogantly (onced I lost a game because I built a Titan and a Wonder at the same time (I wanted to show my enemy how great of an economy I had and lost because of that)).

11. If you could improve one thing about your gameplay, what would it be?

I would use hotkeys.

12. What gods have been your main gods throughout playing this game (I know you play Zeus as a main currently, but did you play any other god as a main previously)?

I started with Odin, then I played Loki, and now Zeus.

13. Which God is the easiest to play in both AoM and AoT and why is this?

Isis of course, great economy, great god powers that can turn game from a loss to a win, and also a strong army.

14. Which is the best god to play in both AoM and AoT at the highest level?

Zeus on AoT becuase of strong units and good god powers, Isis on AoM because Isis is Isis.

15. What was the most fun game you have ever played?

Zeus vs Isis on Savanah vs Action in the game which I killed his Wonder with 15 Collosi, I loved that.

16. What was the hardest game you've ever played?

I played so many hard games but I think it was vs a Thor on Anatolia. Isis vs Thor, he ragged and raped me.
I had only a Titan out, 2 Rocs, 1 Vill, 3 Catas and some Fishing Ships. I managed to rebuild myself with 1 vill and comeback into the game while he got 5 TCs and eventually I came back and won.

17. Do you have a "rivalry" with anyone in this game, similar to Sensuy and Magic or Hells and Action?

Action was a rival for a while, but our score is 100-6 or something when we used to keep score. After him it was Hells but he's not anymore because either I improved a lot or he has steadily gotten worse, I don't know.

18. Who is your usual 2v2 partner and who is your favourite 2v2 partner?

Atm it's Ervd, we have good teamwork. But my best was by far AciD_Ishindar, we self-invented double Bolt on Vills and then double rush.

19. Who is your favourite player and clan and why?

AciD was my favourite clan and my favourite player is SpOefT.

20. Do you play any other games on a different console?

I played God of War II and III, and Assassin's Creed II on PS3 while I was on Thessalonica, they are some good games.

21. Who is lamer, Isis, Zeus, Loki, or Oranos?


22. What is your favourite map and why?

Oasis is my favourite map because it's a clear map and I can be more focused on my game.

23. What god/strategy would you choose to win the following matchups:

Isis on Watering Hole: Zeus -> 2TC FM
Isis on Anatolia: Zeus -> Semi-FH
Zeus on Mediterranean: Isis -> FH at 6.45
Kronos on low hunt Oasis with forward gold: Zeus -> Athena at 4:00

24. There are many differing opinions about Thor being as good as he was once thought to be, why do you think this is and what is your take on Thor?

Thor is one of the best gods in the game: easy eco management, strong army, cheap armory ups, good on low hunt maps because of Dwarves, strong on high hunt maps because of Pig Sticker and also strong on water maps because of effective BOs for a fishing boom. If people used Thor wisely they would see the truth.

25. Which is the best lategame god? How do you counter this?

The best lategame god is Isis and I counter her with Siege and a Collosi spam when I play Zeus and I also try to gold block her of course.

26. Which player do you currently respect the most?


27. Which player do you like to play against the most?


28. Who is your best opponent?


29. For you, who is the hardest god to face?


30. Who will win the AoM tourney currently being played?


31. What is your take on the decreasing activity of ESO?

The game is getting old, that's a sure thing. But I think whoever wants a game can get a game, it isn't that hard to find one on ESO.

32. Will you play Starcraft II when it comes out and what is your opinion on this game?

I'm looking for a beta key atm so I can try it.

33. What is your favourite god power?


34. What is your favourite strategy?

Fast Mythic

35. Who is your favourite Zeus player?

No one in particular. I think I have my own style and I'm trying to improve it by fixing my mistakes.

36. Who is the best player all-time in your opinion?

I have only played AoT for 3 years so I can't say for all-time, but for the time I have played it's Nigam.

37. Who is your favourite rec provider?

I don't have any single favourite but I would have to say Nigam or SpOefT if I had to choose.

38. What is the lamest thing in AoM/AoT (not the lamest god, just the one thing you think is the most lame)?

AoT: Swifting Sands
AoM: Making a Wonder as Isis

39. Who is your best friend in AoT?

Hmmmm, hard question. I have many good friends, but I would have to say Burak a.k.a. lolzorz.

40. Who do you think is the funniest person who plays this game?


41. What is your favourite human unit?


42. What is your favourite myth unit?

Colossus of course! :D

43. What is your favourite hero?


44. What is your favourite minor god?

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.

45. What do you think about the map Highland, a map that so many others dislike?

Cool map, I like it! But I am a Zeus player, ain't I?

46. What is your opinion on Classical TCs?

They shouldn't be allowed, it's better getting Heroic and then having access to TCs.

47. Most of us start off as noobs at some point, and granted that you've played other games and more importantly RTS games before AoT, but what was your gaming experience like either starting off at AoT or with maybe some of your previous RTS games?

When I started playing, I used Odin and I had 7 games and 7 wins in my first games on AoT playing on Intermediate Level. I managed to get 1700 with 100% wins and I felt pretty cool back then but it was too bad I lost to a Kronos rusher and I lost my 100% haha. I reached 1800 with loki_roki after playing for 1.5 months and got 1850 with the same account 1.5 months after that. Finally I got top 1 after 6 months with a 1906 rate if I remember correctly. I started by microing only, then thinking about strategy, then taking some eco ups,then more micro, more eco ups, and some more thinking, and eventually some lame and I gradually kept improving and I am still improving now.

48. Which god is the worst god in AoT, Odin or Gaia?

There is no worst god.

49. How do you view Forseti Hersir raiding?

Strong tactic but can be countered by a good push.still a forceti raid doesnt need much skill can be easy performed by anyone.

50. How do you view Isis classical fight?

Strong tactic that can be annoying.

51. Did anyone "teach" you at any portion of your "AoT career" or did you learn pretty much everything on your own?

AcD_Duimelot was a good teacher in my first steps of the game and Spoeft also gave me some tips about this. But most of my knowledge I got from watching thousands of recs and no jk I remember all the games I've watched and played.

52. What is your opinion on wall connectors?

People should use them but not overdo it.

53. What is your opinion on "lame" in general? What do you consider "lame"? Towers? Mercs? Athena rush? Bolt on Ulf? Arrow-firing buildings? Siege behind walls? Titans? Wonders? What else?

Lame is fun both to perform it or kill the guy who lames...Lame is spamming Chariots, spamming Towers, making 123123123 walls one in front of the other.

54. How do you get your Mino + Tox rush to work so well vs Norse? Are there any other civs you would you this against? Have you used it in any recent games?

I haven't lost with Mino + Toxo yet ever. I know when to strike, how to strike, where to fight, and mainly how to build my eco because if your enemy FHs you need a different eco than if he does CF. Restoration is also pretty vital in that combo and I know exactly when and where to use it. I haven't done a Mino + Toxo combo for a long time; I don't know if I feel like doing it anymore, easy wins are boring sometimes.

55. When did you first consider yourself an expert at this game?

After I got top 1 for the third time.

56. What is your favourite scenario if you do indeed play any scenarios?

Blood Sport because it helps me improve my micro.

57. What made you decide to join mG?

Friendly people and a cool leader.

58. What do you dislike the most about AoT?


59. Do you know any people from AoM/AoT in real life?

Yeah, I do. Most of X_Manner clan lives in my town so we keep in touch. I also know a Greek who lives in Germany; he came to to visit me here in Greece hehe. We played 2v2 for years, he and I :) Busbas his name.

60. What is your opinion on this discussed to death topic...old expert or new experts, who's better?

New experts by far.

Think of some things (mostly balance changes or changed on ESO) that you would like changed about this game:

1. Isis GP protection
2. Atty Villager producing time
3. Shooting Docks
4. Chariot Archer HP
5. Oranos Turmas' bonus speed
6. Wonder Time

Player Association:

Say the first that that comes to mind, or is at least what you mostly think, about the following players (it can be one word or more than one word, it's up to you):

pG_Fire: old
Jordy: weird
Skipper: old
GP_Intel: old
King: friend
FooFoo: Thor
Magyar: challenge
Nigam: Best
Suppe: friend
SpOefT: wise
Ro: dead
Flip: huge
Sensuy: annoying
Oedy: friendly
Halens: Japan
Bente: lame
Sim: Ballistas
Action: easy
Killerboy: Loki
Lorenzo: Genius
Ervd: Favourite teammate
Jijgeeft: points
Ghostlake: challenge
Ero: friend
JQ: friend
Armycore: friend
Magic: nothing
Hells: fallen
Tyler: dunno
Zuta: good staff
Jijzoekt: Gaia
Jijkrigjt: 2xFriend

About RTS-Sanctuary:

1. How frequently do you check out the site?


2. How do you view the forums? What topics do you check out first?

I always click "new posts" and check everything that attracts my attention.

3. What is your favourite thing about the site?


4. If you could change one thing about the site, what would that one thing be?

I would give expert tag to themista :P

5. Who is your favourite RTS-Sanctuary member? Why?

Ervd because he fights for what he believes.

6. What do you think about the AoE/TWC/TAD, DoW, and SC2 communities and their members on the RTS-Sanctuary site?

Cool guys, I hope I will meet them ingame.

7. If another game would come out from Robot Entertainment, would you play it and be active in the community here if you liked it?

Probably if I have time.

8. What is your opinion on Sensuy and expert staff?

He should get it.

9. Can you link us to your favourite recorded games?

[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

10. What is your current avatar a picture of, and what made you pick it?

Steve Fox. I like boxing and played some Tekken 6 so I chose a picture of him :)

Word Association:

Aoe3 = crap
AoT = mind
AoM = skill
Atty = easy
Oranos = easy
Isis = lame
Zeus = fame
Gaia = easy
Loki = run
Thor = boom
Ra = raid
Set = rush
Odin = raid
Hades = boom
Possy = raid
Kronos = rush
Oasis = love
Titan = rook
Hotkeys = no need
Noob = future
Pro = past
2K = Themista soon
GG NO RE = Jordy
Greece = Beach
Ghost Lake = Raids
Highland = Bolt
ESO: alive

Questions about you, the person behind the player:

1. You just finished school, did you do anything to celebrate?

Nah, not really. I don't have time to celebrate. I'm working with my grandparents in the fields then training, sleep, and some PC. I was also away for 2 weeks for my military exams but I will find time to celebrate soon when I go on vacation.

2. Did you like school, did you hate it? What was your favourite/least favourite thing about school?

School in Greece sucks, but I kinda liked the company of my friends and the good staff at my school.

3. Have you ever had a job besides the one you are applying for now (military)?

I been working since I was 12 with my dad and now with my grandpa (my dad got sick 2 years ago and he's only been at 70% ever since).

4. What do you hope to do in the military?

Become a leader.

5. What are your hobbies apart from video games and sports?

Boxing, running, and girls.

6. Who is your favourite comedian?

Stathis Psaltis (he's Greek).

7. Do you have any brothers or sisters and do they play any games?

I have 2 sisters: 1 is 15 years old, and the other one is 4 years old. And no, they don't play any games.

8. Do you have any pets?

I have a dog names Mourgos.

9. What is your most prized possession?

My car which is 12.000 Euros (which I don't drive).

10. Do you party often? If so, how often?

I haven't partied for three months, I haven't had time. But I'm planning for one soon.

11. What kind(s) of music do you listening to and for what occasions do you like which types of music?

I listen to Rock music mainly and some ballads when I feel sad.

12. In your opinion, what has been the greatest moment in your life so far?

When I saw that my dad was ok and had survived.

13. Do you follow any religious beliefs, and if so, which creed and to what extent do you practice your religion?

I am Christian Orthodox and I believe what all Orthodox believe.

14. Are you famous for anything? Locally? Nationally? Not really?

I am famous for some fights I got in on the streets and ofc my pc skills

15. What is your favourite food?


16. Do you watch much TV? And if so, what do you like watching the most?

I haven't watched TV in two years.

17. What is your favourite movie?


18. What is your favourite animal?


19. What is your favourite colour?


20. What is your favourite band?


21. What is your single most favourite song of all time?

Eye of the tiger

22. What is your favourite sport?


23. What is your favourite beverage?

Orange juice. I don't drink alcohol, not even beer.

24. If you could go to one place on the earth for a holiday RIGHT NOW, where would you go?

Greece ^^

25. We know you lift weights and like exercise, what are your best lifts/runs?

Atm I'm training my speed/endurance. I run 5 km per day, 45 min on boxing bug, 20 min on weights for biceps/triceps.

26. What do you hope to do when you are done with the military? Or do you hope to make a career out of the military?

I hope I will make a career in the military.

27. What do you think about your family?

Best family ever.

28. What do you like/dislike about your country? If you had to change your country, where would you live?

The people who rule this country...I would change them. I would also make all of the people who stole from our country pay the money back or go to jail.

29. If you had 3 wishes right now (you may not wish for more wishes), what would the three things you'd wish for be?

1)Peace, war only in PC games 2)My father healed 3) May God protect my family from evil

30. What do you want in life?

I want to have a good family, have some kids, and get a good job.

To finish this interview, is there anything you'd like to add?


HF reading guys :)

Fuente: [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]


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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por SpNz - MigueLo el Dom Jul 25, 2010 10:47 am

buen aporte, el tipo da buenos concejos, lo recomiendo!!! :rls:


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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por SpNz AQ el Miér Jun 05, 2013 9:53 am

Wow recuerdo haber leido esta entrevista cuando era un novaton que ni siquiera comentaba xD (La lei a la semana de Jugar AoM xD) y no tenia la mas remota idea de quien era este tipo :_omg_: Y pensar que era Themis xD Muy OP la entrevista. Es un capo en todo sentido y su forma de ser y expresarse es muy tranquila. Excelente entrevista 8)


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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por SpNz - Shooter el Miér Jun 05, 2013 6:27 pm

Alguien que la traduzca para los noobs que no saben ingles como yo :(
SpNz - Shooter

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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por SpNz AQ el Miér Jun 05, 2013 6:51 pm

SpNz - Shooter escribió:Alguien que la traduzca para los noobs que no saben ingles como yo :(
Entra aquí


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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por SpNz - Shooter el Miér Jun 05, 2013 7:04 pm

SpNz - Aquaman escribió:
SpNz - Shooter escribió:Alguien que la traduzca para los noobs que no saben ingles como yo :(
Entra aquí

:wua: Jajajaja ya se que hay traductor pero es un viaje usarlo xD Si alguien lo hace por mi le doy un premio (?) :e.e:
SpNz - Shooter

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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por Banderilla el Miér Jun 05, 2013 7:27 pm

Ya vieron aparezo ahí
Skipper xD
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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por LoOk_tOm el Miér Jun 05, 2013 8:16 pm

Sk1pp3r dicen q fue el mejor

asi como nigam fue OP en el aoe3..
asi q no importa viene de la sangue la habilidad con los juegos..

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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por SpNz - Player el Lun Oct 07, 2013 7:13 pm

me arte de leer en la pregunta 13 de rts uff ya mañana sigo leyendo :s
SpNz - Player

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Re: Entrevista AOM: TheMista

Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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